The Cows – Dawn O’Porter

There’s a side to social media and mobile phone culture that I really don’t like. It’s the shaming photo/video of someone who doesn’t realise their image is being captured, then being uploaded online for the world to judge and share. There are pages dedicated to it, women applying make-up on public transport, people eating lunch, tube snoozers; Eurgh. 

I dislike this trend for two main reasons 1. It could easily be me one day. I sometimes touch up my make-up on a journey, I eat lunch daily and I’ve been known to have a snooze once in a while. To think that at any time I could become “internet famous” and shamed for minding my business and doing any of those things is ludicrous. And 2. Behind each “hilarious” photo or video, there is a human being with feelings who didn’t consent to being photographed or filmed. 

(Having said all of that, I’ve realised that I’m a big old giant hypocrite….have you SEEN Hot Dudes Reading? OMIGOSH. Sorry. We are all flawed.)

In The Cows, single Mum Tara finds herself going viral after one particular train journey which is captured and shared online. Cam is a successful lifestyle blogger, sharing her honest views and opinions with the world. Stella is dealing with the loss of her twin sister and mother to cancer and coming to terms with her genetic destiny. 

Between the three women, there’s a lot going on and the story cleverly weaves everything together through the consequences of their decisions. Unafraid to approach difficult and controversial themes, Dawn O’Porter has created a really sassy, smart & witty story which captures a moment in our social media obsessed society in a very entertaining way. 

I absolutely loved this book. It is topical, bold, empowering, courageous and funny. Thanks to Netgalley & the lovely publishers for the opportunity to review honestly (always). 

Also….side note….the cover is gorgeous and I love the “Don’t Follow The Herd” message. Dawn’s hair is also swoonworthy. So bouncy. So shiny. So beautiful. That’s of zero relevance to the book or this review but I felt I’d be doing an injustice to beautiful hair if it was left unsaid. 

Get your copy here. From me it’s a definitely-not-following-the-herd-but-I-loved-it five cwtches.