Blog Tour: Those Other Women – Nicola Moriarty

I’m absolutely delighted to be part of the Those Other Women blog tour today. Huge thanks to Penguin RandomHouse and Nicola Moriarty for having me, I’m so happy to spread the book love on this Sunny Sunday. The tour kicked off last Monday and as always I’ve been loving reading other lovely bloggers thoughts on this one. It’s a brilliant story and I think you’ll love it!

Confession: I’ve never been a Mumsy Mum. Not that there’s anything wrong with always having muslin to hand, multiple nursery league table conversation threads on Mumsnet and at least one packet of Quavers about your person at any given moment. (In fact, whilst we are confessing….the latter may be applauded….but that’s not my point)

I was the disorganised one without a wedding ring, always looking for the coffee and avoiding dirty noses at all costs.

To be super-clear I’m not shaming the Mums who obsess about their babies and talk of nothing else – I admire their dedication and focus – it’s just not me, and never was. Integrating with these super-motivated-dedicated-Mums groups was really challenging and made me question my own skills as a Mum so much when my son was small. Really, all I needed to do was find the groups who gave just as many shits as I did about textbook parenting and organic rusks.

My point is, finding MY community was the key and this book takes a really interesting approach to this, and in particular online communities.

Not everyone wants to be a Mum, especially Poppy. When she finds out her best friend and her husband have been having an affair and she is now pregnant, she quite understandably has a bit of an anti-motherhood moment. She sets up a secret Facebook group for women just like her, the ones who never want to have children and are pretty bloody fed up of all the perks they miss out on because of their life choices. No finishing work early to dash to school plays, no flexibility and no holiday priority – it’s enough to make a girl get cross and get online. And that’s exactly what she does.

When the local smug Mums network discovers this secret group, it sets off a rivalry which escalates prrrrrrretty quickly and soon makes Poppy question the honesty and integrity of those close to her.

One thing that Nicola Moriarty always NAILS is the subtlety and nuance in toxic female relationships. It is so cleverly done, you almost physically feel the sly digs and deceit. The way the book is structured with parts focused on each of our main characters is really engaging and helps keep you hooked to the very end.

I can’t recommend this enough, I absolutely loved it. I also think no matter which side of the motherhood debate you fall on, there’s something here you’ll enjoy too.

It’s a slightly sinister and super-smart five cwtches from me. Get your copy here.

Once again, a big thanks to Penguin RandomHouse and Nicola Moriarty for having me on the tour. It’s been a pleasure!

Big cwtches xx

Lies – T M Logan

It’s the classic, one seemingly innocuous decision which starts a chain of unstoppable events likely to unravel your entire life. Joe spots his wife’s car pulling into a hotel car park when she should be at work and in the moment he decides to pop & say hello, everything is changed forever. 

A man goes missing. Joe’s life starts to fall apart as he struggles to keep his marriage, career and reputation in tact, when everything is stacked against him. 

When your whole life is based on lies…

Technology and social media play a huge part in the plot which adds an extra element of fear as we see how easily lies can be manipulated to appear as truth. Is anything real? Who can he trust? 

You really feel for Average Joe and although he’s not the most dynamic leading man, I enjoyed his perspective. I totally thought I had it all figured out around halfway into the book and I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

I won’t lie, this is a thrilling, twisty read with a satisfying ending that you’ll race to get to. Four cwtches. Get your copy here

The Honeymoon – Tina Seskis

I think it’s safe to say that this book wasn’t at all what I expected. 

On the honeymoon of a lifetime in the Maldives, Jemma’s new husband goes missing. Is he dead or alive? Has he been kidnapped or had second thoughts & run away? Here begins our mystery in paradise. 

Through flashback chapters we start to uncover the complications in Jamie & Jemma’s relationship (I mean, if you’re going to sleep with brothers…) and her preoccupation with getting a ring on it. 

Jemma is a self-obsessed nightmare and I honestly couldn’t stand her character. If I was stuck at a holiday resort with her I’d probably go missing too, if only to briefly get away from her for a bit. But is that what happened to Jamie? Has she driven him away? 

This book made me feel unwell. (Hey Publishers, you can use that quote in the marketing campaign if you like? You’re welcome) 

Here is my Goodreads update, just after I’d finished the book…

….and my stomach churns again when I think about the conclusion to this story. I doubt you’ll expect it, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. 

A great holiday #CwtchUp read with an ending you won’t see coming (Is it REALLY a twist if you KNOW it’s a twist?…..) Four cwtches. 

The Honeymoon is out later this week, so you can pre-order your copy here

The Cows – Dawn O’Porter

There’s a side to social media and mobile phone culture that I really don’t like. It’s the shaming photo/video of someone who doesn’t realise their image is being captured, then being uploaded online for the world to judge and share. There are pages dedicated to it, women applying make-up on public transport, people eating lunch, tube snoozers; Eurgh. 

I dislike this trend for two main reasons 1. It could easily be me one day. I sometimes touch up my make-up on a journey, I eat lunch daily and I’ve been known to have a snooze once in a while. To think that at any time I could become “internet famous” and shamed for minding my business and doing any of those things is ludicrous. And 2. Behind each “hilarious” photo or video, there is a human being with feelings who didn’t consent to being photographed or filmed. 

(Having said all of that, I’ve realised that I’m a big old giant hypocrite….have you SEEN Hot Dudes Reading? OMIGOSH. Sorry. We are all flawed.)

In The Cows, single Mum Tara finds herself going viral after one particular train journey which is captured and shared online. Cam is a successful lifestyle blogger, sharing her honest views and opinions with the world. Stella is dealing with the loss of her twin sister and mother to cancer and coming to terms with her genetic destiny. 

Between the three women, there’s a lot going on and the story cleverly weaves everything together through the consequences of their decisions. Unafraid to approach difficult and controversial themes, Dawn O’Porter has created a really sassy, smart & witty story which captures a moment in our social media obsessed society in a very entertaining way. 

I absolutely loved this book. It is topical, bold, empowering, courageous and funny. Thanks to Netgalley & the lovely publishers for the opportunity to review honestly (always). 

Also….side note….the cover is gorgeous and I love the “Don’t Follow The Herd” message. Dawn’s hair is also swoonworthy. So bouncy. So shiny. So beautiful. That’s of zero relevance to the book or this review but I felt I’d be doing an injustice to beautiful hair if it was left unsaid. 

Get your copy here. From me it’s a definitely-not-following-the-herd-but-I-loved-it five cwtches. 

Can’t decide what book to #CwtchUp with this spring weekend?

Let us help you decide!

Thinking of spring cleaning… feel productive from your sofa / garden chair / beneath your duvet. 

Food Cravings… all the deliciousness without a single calorie. 

Wish you were at the beach… you can almost hear the seagulls.

Dreaming of adventure… without even having to look for your passport.

In the mood for romance… swoooooooon.

Feel like a good cry… tea & tissues on standby.

Fancy a mind-blowing twist…. you’ll never guess the ending. 

Whatever book you decide to #cwtchup with, here’s to a wonderful long weekend!

Big cwtches

Kate x

Spring faves

The Choir on Hope Street – Annie Lyons


I think there are few situations in life that can’t be made better with singing. Obviously there are some pretty huge exceptions, but for the most part music is magic.

When Nat’s husband utters the words that no-one ever wants to hear; “I don’t love you anymore” she is left to pick up the pieces. Also making some huge life adjustments is perfect PTA Queen Caroline who is left with no choice but to take care of her estranged mother with dementia when her care home is unable to meet her needs.

Both women are dealing with hugely emotional life-changing situations, and both happen to live on the wonderfully named Hope Street where the local community hall is under threat from property developers.

Faced with all this drama, there’s only one logical solution….let’s SING! (I very much buy into this philosophy) As luck would have it, a handsome new music teacher has just joined the local school. Can good old community spirit bring everyone together and help both women find their way, find friendship and find their voices?

This is just the loveliest book! I’ll be honest I couldn’t STAND Caroline for a large part of it, she is infuriating and brilliantly depicted as one of Those Mums (we all know them, they’re on every committee, annoyingly perfect & determined to make you feel inadequate) It is quite a skill to take a repugnant character and bit-by-bit make you fall in love with them. Annie does this really well with Caroline’s character and there is a quite a significant turning point where you start to really feel for her. Caroline’s Mum who lives with dementia is also really sensitively written. As someone with personal experience of this awful disease, I think Annie has captured the associated heartache really beautifully.

This easily gets a melodic five cwtches from me, it’s a perfect pick-me-up read and will make you want to join a choir (and eat cake) Big thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

I hope (sorry) we’ll hear more from Hope Street, they are such a lovely bunch and I think there is huge scope to find out a bit more about each of the cast. Fingers crossed for more please – ENCORE!

Five cwtches – get your copy here!

The One Memory of Flora Banks – Emily Barr

Imagine being a 17 year old who doesn’t remember anything since you were aged 10; no recollection of who you are or that you have grown into a beautiful young woman. You have no short term memory & forget everything within hours. This is what life is like for Flora Banks. 

Supported by her family and only friend, Flora looks to the notes scribbled on her arms to remind herself when she needs reassurance – “Be Brave” She is unable to retain memories until one night she kisses a boy and she doesn’t forget. Could her condition be getting better? 

This is a beautiful adventure story which takes us to a faraway place & you cannot help but fall in love with Flora. Her memory loss and the repetition needed to move the story forward should be annoying but it’s absolutely not. Instead it gives us a touching insight into Flora’s world and helps us invest even more in our unlikely and unreliable hero. 

Like any good YA novel worth its ink, themes of love & loss, betrayal & body image are weaved into the narrative which ultimately builds to a really satisfying conclusion. (No spoilers but…I wanted to high-five her!)

A great read for those who love adventure and who believe that first kisses are unforgettable – four cwtches. 

Pre-order your copy here