Liar – K L Slater

Perfect wife. Perfect stepmother. Perfect stranger

Judi is a lovely Mum who looks out for her son Ben. He is a bereaved single Dad with two adorable boys. Judi does their washing, pops around to clean his house and takes care of her grandsons after school. She is hugely involved in their lives with the very best of intentions as any Mum would be in the same circumstances. 

Then Ben meets Amber, seemingly a perfect match for him. Something about her just doesn’t quite add up. Call it mother’s instinct…but Judi sees through Amber’s sweetness to a much darker core. How can she protect Ben & her grandsons when everyone else thinks she’s overreacting and simply feeling “pushed out” and jealous of the new woman in their lives? 

As a reader it’s really frustrating that no-one seems to take Judi’s fears seriously – you want to shake them and make them listen, especially after one of the boys is left alone. Surely that’s enough to raise suspicions of anyone? C’mon! What’s a Judi got to do to be HEARD by the men in her life?! It is fascinating to see the interaction between the two women, the point scoring and power play. Also really interesting to explore the seldom-heard older woman versus the know-it-all younger female who bedazzles the male characters. 

This book is fast-paced and exciting with an unexpected conclusion. With hindsight, the clues were very much there but I missed them! A modern lesson to always listen to your Mum, her instincts are rarely mistaken…four cwtches. It’s out later this week, you can pre-order your copy here