Everything But The Truth – Gillian McAllister

We’re all hiding something

One late night email notification starts to unravel everything. 

You’d look, wouldn’t you? If it just flashed up in front of you? But exactly how far would you go to uncover the truth about the partner you realise you know very little about? 

This book has so many secrets and lies and twists and turns it made me dizzy. First I loved Rebecca, then I thought she was crazy-loco, then I loved her again, then I started to realise she’s harbouring her own secrets and I wasn’t too sure again….I also had the exact same rollercoaster with Jack. Both characters’ behaviour is really odd and unpredictable at times and I found the uncertainty about who I was rooting for really exciting in this story. Just like Rebecca it made me desperate for answers. 

Without giving away too much of the plot, I really enjoyed the reveals, I thought they were well-timed to keep you guessing but also keep you reading. I couldn’t resist just one more chapter and I absolutely love that feeling! 

You’ll learn a bit about Scottish law that perhaps you didn’t know before and you might want to start some low-key background checks just as a precaution. It scared me how much of Jack’s “other life” was able to be buried and adds another level of terror to my already toppling pile of fears around new relationships. Can you ever really know someone? Especially if your new love is saying all the right things? 

A really twisty read that you’ll whizz through to get to the truth, four cwtches! Thanks to Netgalley & the publishers for the chance to read and review honestly. Get your copy here