I Don’t Want to Talk About It (ChocLit) – Jane Lovering

Talk About It

There is so much I love about this book I’m not quite sure where to start…and that’s a GOOD thing!

Winter Gregory has landed in a small Yorkshire Village to write her tricky second book. With her ex (and Editor) breathing down her neck and a difficult break-up still fresh in her mind, will she find the inspiration she needs? Will her sexy neighbour and his adorable little niece help Winter face up to her past & square up to the future?

There are some really beautiful themes running through this gorgeously crafted novel – love, loss & letting go. The characters are colourfully described and I especially loved the use of email, tweets & facebook posts to enhance the narrative. A fresh, modern approach which illustrated key parts of the story really cleverly.

It’s a really lovely, touching & heartwarming story with an unexpected twist – so good you’ll want to cwtch up with a copy and a cuppa. Loved it – five cwtches!