The One That Got Away – Annabel Kantaria

We’ve all got that one Ex we still think about. C’mon. We all do it. Wondering “what if..?” and curious about where they are now and if they still think of you too…maybe minor-stalking their Instagram and dissecting their taste in interiors and holiday destinations…..(just me?)

Stella and George haven’t seen each other in fifteen years, when a school reunion invitation pops up and brings them back together. Both have successful careers and George has since married. The spark between them however hasn’t dimmed over the years; they just can’t resist each other and embark on an illicit affair. 

Secrets, lies, deceit and manipulation are all explored within this book and although it’s pretty clear what is actually going on, knowing doesn’t detract from the intrigue and in fact only makes you want to see how it all plays out. Very much in the vein of Gone Girl, you’ll love this if you enjoy a modern domestic drama with some good old fashioned power play and revenge. 

A cautionary tale which reminds us that if someone is in our past, they’re usually behind us for a good reason. Four cwtches. Get your copy here

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