Sweetpea – C.J. Skuse

A psycho serial killer has never made me laugh out loud so much. 

Sweetpea is dark, shocking, witty and absolutely bloody hilarious. I loved it and cannot recommend it enough! 

Rhiannon has a boyfriend, a dog and a job she hates. So far so everyone. She also makes a daily list of people she’d like to kill. Slow walkers, the guy in Lidl who bruises her apples, drivers with no manners, you know the types. (To be fair, on my own personal psycho days – we all have them – I can totally relate.) The main difference is that Rhiannon ACTUALLY kills people. And she loves it. 

If you’re easily shocked then perhaps this isn’t for you, but if you like your humour dark with a huge dollop of twisted thoughts and quirky vitriol then you will love this as much as I do. 

It’s so cleverly written, you find yourself questioning how warmly you feel for someone you should probably hate. Extra bonus joy for cwtchers comes from the copious Welsh references, they are the chocolate sprinkles on this already delicious creamy killer latte. (That just got weird…sorry) 

Get your copy here, you definitely won’t regret it. A perfect five cwtches! 

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