The Escape – C.L. Taylor

The Escape is one of those books with such an exciting pace, you have to remind yourself to breathe. The drama is so intense, right from the outset, there are often no gaps for air. You have been warned! 

How would you feel if a stranger got into your car, handed you a familiar single glove and warned “Look after your daughter’s things…and your daughter”? 

The subtle threat sparks a chain of fear, paranoia & violence and soon it seems no-one believes Jo; the police, her GP, social services, even her own husband Max appears to turn against her as she battles to keep their daughter Elise safe and free from harm. 

She runs. She hides. She discovers secrets and lies. 

The journey takes us across the water into Ireland (via Cardiff – favourite bits, we loves a mention – obvs!) where we meet an interesting cast of locals. The question still remains, who can she trust? Without giving anything away, the concluding cliff scenes are possibly some of the most exciting, pacey and exhilarating writing I’ve been totally immersed in for quite a while. 

I foolishly thought I hadn’t read anything by C L Taylor previously – her voice is so fresh and exciting – but Goodreads tells me otherwise and that I rated The Accident a perfect 5 a couple of years ago. Bravo for book tech! Both are amazing stories, but this one feels very different, which is possibly what threw me. However I haven’t read all of the back catalogue, which is what I now plan to do. 

Don’t you just love it when you find a new favourite author to fangirl over?  

A remember-to-breathe five cwtches. Get your copy here

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