The Kicking the Bucket List – Cathy Hopkins

Iris Parker is a badass Mum who leaves a lasting legacy for her three floral-named daughters Fleur, Rose and Daisy when she realises that she is dying and her girls need to be there for each other. 

In order to claim their inheritance, the girls who have drifted apart over the years, have to spend a weekend together every other month in an attempt to re-establish their relationships. Organised by their late Mum, Iris has it planned down to the finest detail and each meet-up is accompanied by a video message from beyond the grave. 

This is such a lovely premise to set this story of loss, love, grief and the importance of family. I absolutely adored this book! Each of the daughters has their own secrets and watching them deal with the loss of their Mum and slowly reveal these secrets and rebuild their relationships with each other was at times heartwarming and others heartbreaking. I cried more than once and laughed out loud even more. As someone with two sisters I could totally relate to the bickering, banter and closeness like no other. There is also some genuinely helpful life advice from the ultra-wise Ivy; Mum really does know best. Cathy has written this so well! 

In the spirit of no spoilers I will simply add that I knew he was a douche right from the outset. If you’ve read it, you’ll know who I’m talking about. Psh. Shame on him. 

This is a truly gorgeous book, a perfect spring read and gets a perfect five cwtches from me. Get it here. Thanks to the lovely publishers for my review copy, you’re lush. 

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