The Beachside Sweet Shop – Karen Clarke

I love going to the beach. I love eating sweets. I love falling in love. Karen Clarke has beautifully created a world I want to be a part of! 

Marnie is running her late grandfather’s sweet shop but is unsure if her award-winning success is enough to fulfill her long-held ambitions. Her ex boyfriend has left the country and a local yummy mummy blogger is on a one-woman evil sugar crusade, hell-bent on trying to close her down. 

I fell a tiny bit in love with Shipley and its cast of colourful characters. Each of them are painted brilliantly, even the infuriating ones! 

Marnie is a likeable lead, you know she absolutely adores her hometown even if she doesn’t always realise it herself. Josh is a dreamboat and after all that tension & drama I can’t help questioning if she ended up with the right guy. Also, in future Shipley books – which I certainly hope there are – I’d really like to see more of the beachside bit coming through in the storylines. If you’re going to create an amazing location, it’s a crime not to use it more. 

A lovely, gentle, feelgood read which will make you smile & crave a quarter of rosy apples (remember them?) A very sweet (sorry) five cwtches! Thanks to Netgalley & the lovely publishers for the chance to read & review honestly. Get your copy here

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