The Breakdown – B A Paris 

Ho Lee Wow. This book is an absolute belter. I completely love a bedtime book you can’t stop reading until your eyes won’t stay open. Warning: you might not sleep. 

Imagine you’re driving home alone on a stormy night, down an isolated country lane. It’s late, dark & creepy. You pass a fellow female driver who appears to have broken down. Do you stop? Pull over? Keep on driving? 

This story unravels following the decision that Cass takes that night. There has been a brutal murder in the country lane, strange things start to happen and she begins to question her own sanity. Is she going mad? Is she being stalked by the murderer who thinks she might have seen more than she actually did? 

The title is really clever – referring to both the car on the stormy night and Cass’ subsequent emotional distress following the event. I love a clever title! I’ve yet to read Paris’ 2016 release Behind Closed Doors but after finishing this one, it’s definitely getting a spot on my toppling tbr pile. 

I really enjoyed this one – thanks Netgalley & Harlequin – and I read it super-fast. If you like your domestic noir sharp, clever & with some lovely twists & turns then you’ll love this too. 

A top smart five cwtches! Get your copy here

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