Just for the Rush – Jane Lark

Workplace romance. Personally I can’t think of much worse than working alongside (or even worse, working for) your beau, but I might be in the minority on that one. I get that proximity can be alluring and as we’re all spending more time working than ever before, the chance for love to blossom over the photocopier becomes more likely. Throw in a slice of forbidden fruit and we’ve got ourselves a neat little premise for sparks to fly. 

(This 2016 piece on office romance is perhaps not scientific but still interesting)

Having said that workplace love isn’t for me, I haven’t worked in an office with Jack, sexy leather-wearing, motorbike-riding, thrill-seeking, risk-taking, divorced dad-ing, love god. If I had, I could possibly be persuaded to think otherwise. 

It is an obvious setting for romance; the successful, powerful boss catches the eye of the sassy, independent colleague and there’s fireworks. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is just another steamy love story, punctuated with lots of risky secret sexual encounters. That’s partly true, but it’s about a third of the way through this book when you begin to realise that there is way more to this than first appears. 

When Ivy is the victim of a break-in & starts to receive threatening mail, she believes that someone is watching her. Is entering into a secret relationship with her handsome boss really a good idea? 

I haven’t cwtched up with a sexy hot romance novel for AGES and boy is this a steamy one. The chemistry between Jack and Ivy crackles off the page as we watch their fun fling develop into something more meaningful. The sexual tension is palpable and makes for a thrilling read. I have to say it was pretty obvious who Ivy’s stalker was, although for me this didn’t detract from the pleasure of finding out for sure. 

Significantly more substance than the usual steamy romance, get your copy here. Four cwtches! 
(Ps. Oh and the strapline? No-one wants Mr Nice Guy? ….Yeah they do. But he’d better be bad in the nicest possible ways…!) 

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