If Ever I Fall – S D Robertson

Having previously read Time to Say Goodbye and sobbed like a baby, and picking up on the marketing campaign for this book I was prepared to need tissues. I’m not sure if I’m all cried out at the moment but I personally didn’t find this one particularly tear-jerking. 

That’s not to say it’s not an emotional read – it absolutely is – but the clever way it is told keeps you guessing and the required thinking holds back those big ugly sobs. It’s smarter than your average sad tale. 

The story is told in three voices – Maria a grieving mother, Daniel a newspaper editor and Jack an amnesiac – it’s inevitable that we try and make the connections between these narratives to bring everything together. The apparently disparate voices (told in letter format, 1st person & 3rd person) soon start to overlap as the story reaches its conclusion and the pieces come together. 

I really wanted to love this but there were some clunky bits for me. In particular Jack’s chapters just didn’t connect and the spooky bits felt really out of place. Perhaps that was the writer’s intention and if so, bravo! One other tiny gripe is the title, I’ve seen it written as both “If I Ever Fall” and “If Ever I Fall” and I’ve had to check three million times before writing this post and I’m still not sure if I’ve got it right! It’s a detail, but an important one. I’m guessing that giving your book a title that no-one could possibly get wrong would be quite a good idea. 

Overall, an intriguing read to cwtch up with, I’d say forget the tissues and instead pop your detective hat on. Get your copy here

(And if it’s a tear-jerker you’re after, I’d highly recommend Time to Say Goodbye instead. Heartbreaking.)

Thanks to Netgalley & the publishers for the chance to review honestly. Four cwtches! 

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