Paris for One and Other Stories – Jojo Moyes

It’s been a really hectic few days for me which has meant a lot less time for reading this week. I’ve only had some short grabs of time to quickly pick up a book and dive in to a fictional world, there’s just been too much going on in the real one! 

When you’re reading this, I shall be exploring the beautiful city of Paris on my first ever trip there. Ooh la la! 

Why am I telling you this stuff? Well, both points are linked to this week’s book, Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes. A perfect novella & collection of short stories for when your reading time is limited to tiny bursts of literary lushness and your mind is on a trip to the city of love! 

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not usually a fan of the novella, even less so of the short story. As a reader I just find it a bit clunky and by the time I’ve got to know the characters the story is over. I always want more! This is purely personal preference, I know some folks adore this style. I am however, a massive Jojo Moyes fan, which combined with my lack of available reading time this week meant that I absolutely loved this collection. It was a perfect romantic choice for this week and I could happily finish a story in one of my little mini nuggets of reading time, thanks Netgalley! 

The slightly longer main story about Nell’s first visit to Paris really got me in the mood for my own trip. It’s a lovely tale of empowerment, self-discovery and a swoony handsome French writer. The setting descriptions made me really excited to see the sights, taste the wine and fall in love! (Even if it’s just with the city and not necessarily my own rugged & creative French man…) 

Some of the other shorter stories I enjoyed more than others, but overall this is a tidy little collection of romance to cwtch up with. Get your copy here, four cwtches! 

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