How to win back your husband – Vivien Hampshire

After finishing a couple of twisty and tense reads I fancied something a little more gentle and a little less terrifying this week so I opted for “How to win back your husband” by Vivien Hampshire. Thanks to Netgalley for the copy to cwtch up with & review honestly. 

Nicci has made a big mistake which has cost her marriage. In an attempt to cheer her up, her gal pals throw her a divorce party – any excuse for a cocktail, right? Sadly no pretty, sweet, boozy beverage can even begin to ease her heartache when she’s just not in the mood to celebrate. Instead she sets out on a mission to win back her beloved Mark and – in the words of Cheryl Cole – fight fight fight fight fight for this love. (If it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for) 

But with only 30 days until the divorce is finalised, can she win him back in time? 

Compared to a few recent reads, the lack of crime and terror in this story doesn’t necessarily equate to a lack of feeling the feels; this is a really emotional book. There are some really tender moments amongst the more light-hearted feelgood stuff and I loved both Nicci & Mark’s honesty. The 30 days thing is a bit daft & not really necessary to drive the story forward but I can see why it was used. There’s also a little plot reveal that I wasn’t expecting which leads to a really satisfying ending. 

A lovely choice for this week, five cwtches! 
Get your copy here

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