New Year New Books

Happy New Books! I mean…Happy New Year lovely readers! Hope you all had a fantastic festive break & are feeling energised and inspired to make 2017 a truly fabulous year.  

I’m not really into resolutions although I am determined to be more committed to posting regularly here (Goodreads tells me that in 2016 I read 62 books…and I definitely didn’t post reviews here for all of them. I’m looking to fix that this year, so brace yourselves to hear lots more bookish stuff from me in 2017!) 

I started my New Year reading with the cutest novella by the wonderful Katey Lovell “Three Men and a Maybe“. I’ll be really honest I’m not usually a fan of novellas, I’m greedy & like a big chunky story to escape within however I love Katey’s writing so I got stuck in. I’m so glad I did because this a cracking read aptly set on New Year’s Eve. Katey grew up in South Wales & the Welsh influence in this story is so LUSH to read; from references to local places in Cardiff to the actual use of the word “cwtch” YES! 

Grab your FREE copy here – five cwtches! 

Have a great week Cwtchers, let’s get back to work & school with new year energy and passion and positivity! Let’s do this x 

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