The Devil’s Work – Mark Edwards


A job in publishing must be every bookworm’s dream come true, right? Can you imagine living the dream? *drifts off into alternative life fantasy montage*…..

For Sophie, her dream job turns into a nightmare in this pretty dark, twisty and unnerving tale by Mark Edwards.

Returning to full-time work after a maternity break, Sophie – like lots of us – has to juggle work & family life. But unlike lots of us, she finds herself surrounded by colleagues she cannot trust and several scary events which can only leave her spooked and suspicious of those around her.

Paranoid & unsure who to trust, Sophie takes us down many paths with flashbacks to her university days offering some insightful background to the present day. There are also some really brilliant shocking moments, just when you think you’ve got it figured out. I have to tip my hat to an author who can keep us guessing (& still gripped) right to the reveal. It’s such a delicate skill.

This is a really dark novel, full of suspense and surprises. Mark is really great at making you feel just-enough-uneasy….You might want to cwtch up with the lights on with this one! Five cwtches – grab yours here

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