Year of No Clutter: A Memoir – Eve Schaub


One of the usual clichés I and many other book reviewers sometimes tend to overuse is “so good I couldn’t put it down” and in this case that just wouldn’t be true.

It is so good I HAD TO keep putting it down, to empty out a clutter cupboard or to sort through a bundle of envelopes & junk mail that has been hanging around on a side table. This, I think, is the greatest compliment you can pay to Eve Schaub and the tale of her decluttering project. I was so inspired (and sometimes a tiny bit guilted…) that I simply had to put the book down & go and clear something out.

Boy, did it feel better.

Lots of Eve’s references to how she feels about her memories and treasured possessions rang so true with me & really resonated with how I’m currently feeling. Memories are so valuable to us all and it’s hard sometimes to balance the need for capturing the stuff that you’ll regret losing, with trying to keep a tidy & organised home. I’ve been listening to loads of minimalist podcasts recently too (the clutter is obviously something that’s stressing me right now) and the thought of all the “Stuff Anxiety” lifting is an exciting, daunting but totally achievable one.

Eve involves (nearly) all of her family in her quest, much like her previous challenge to live without sugar (I’ll be honest, there’s no way on earth I’d be able to manage that particular mission – nuh-uh, soz Eve love, we just loves our sweet treats too much.)

But the clutter-mission? I reckon we could give that a fair go & judging by the effect it had on her family, I think it can only be a positive thing.

The tale of the “Hell Room” (think more like a hoarder’s paradise than anything Fifty-Shades-style) is so relatable and I’m guilty of closing the door on more than one room in our house to block out all the chaos. This book not only offers practical tips and advice on letting go & clearing out, but some really interesting insight into the psychology of “stuff”.

An inspirational read; plan to put it down lots & pick up a rubbish bag. I dare you not to be urged to have a clean out! You can pre-order here (thanks to Netgalley for the copy)

Five cwtches!

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