The Singalong Society for Singletons – Katey Lovell


There are some books that you just know INSTANTLY from the title alone that you are going to love. This gorgeous tale is one of them. I was so thrilled when Netgalley & the lovely publishers HarperImpulse kindly let me have a copy to cwtch up with and review *twirls with gratitude*

Musicals are the rainbows of entertainment, bringing all the colour and joy and sunshine back into the greyness of life, through elaborately choreographed group numbers and all in perfect harmony.And I LOVE them.

It’s a massive thing I have in common with this bunch of friends who get together every week with snacks, wine and a DVD of their musical of choice. For me, that’s a pretty good use of a Friday night and in all honesty I think I might need this society to be real. I need it so that I can join and wail along to “Hopelessly Devoted To You” in the company of those who know how it feels to better express life’s woes through song. On a swing. With a cardi wrapped around your shoulders. By a paddling pool.

*Key Change* BUT…NOW…

Even if you’re not a musical fan (we can’t be friends, sorry) without a doubt there is still plenty of friendship, love and romance in this story to make it a cracking read for you too. There’s definite scope for a series here – I’m not sure if that’s part of Katey’s masterplan (but it should be) and if this happens I’m making an early request for my ultimate favourite – Hairspray to feature….‘kay, thanks hon.

A really great, feel-good read that will warm your heart on a chilly Autumn evening. Grab your copy here, cwtch up, sing along and ENJOY! Five big musical cwtches

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