Missing, Presumed – Susie Steiner


Police procedurals often tend to be a bit too uncomfortable for me to #CwtchUp with, however I do love a book with a bit of a buzz about it (FOMO anyone?) so when Netgalley offered me the chance to read a copy of Missing, Presumed I jumped on the book bandwagon with big hopes.

For me, the thing that sets this apart from other books in the genre is the three dimensional aspect to the characters and the personal detail that really brought them to life. DS Manon Bradshaw is not only trying to locate a missing woman and compile a pretty complex criminal case with many leads, she is also navigating the more relatable worries of distastrous internet dating and insomnia.

Balancing the two sides of our characters & trying to keep a handle on everything is just modern life, amirite sistas?

We are treated to equally detailed descriptions of the disappearance of Cambridge post-graduate Edith Hind as the insights into Bradshaw’s soul-destroying internet dates and this makes for a really engrossing read.

As far as the conclusion goes (no spoilers, promise) I wasn’t left feeling as satisfied as I’d hoped. Perhaps I was expecting something a little more complicated than what eventually transpired, but this didn’t take anything away from my enjoyment.

This book has been selected to join the Autumn Reads in the Richard & Judy Book Club so you can expect to see & hear much more of it in the coming months. (Side note: I LOVE the R & J Book Club podcast, however WHO monitors their backing track sound levels? Jeez… I appreciate that it’s a fairly niche whinge, but if you listen regularly, you’ll know what I mean….anyway, I digress)

A cracking police drama – Four cwtches!







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