Top 6 Cwtch Up Summer Reads


We had no time for summer holidays this year at Cwtch Up HQ (*sad face*) but of course there was still plenty of time for summer reading! (*happy face*) There’s nothing nicer than grabbing a cold drink & a sun lounger and cwtching up with a great read – even if it is just in the back garden and not a glamorous beach location! And now that the nights are getting darker and the kids are back in school, why not extend that lovely summer feeling for as long as we possibly can?! All of the reads that made it into our Summer Top 6 have FIVE CWTCH ratings and (obviously) can be enjoyed at ANY time of the year. Cwtch Up and enjoy….

Lovers & Liars – Nigel May


It wouldn’t be a Summer Top 6 without a classic sexy beach bonkbuster, and here it is! Featuring a glittering cast of glitzy, glamorous and filthy (rich) characters, this book will take you on a thrilling summer getaway to Barbados. Steamy sex, ruthless murder, bitchy scandal, deadly revenge & the sparkliest champagne. What more could you possibly want? I’m a fan of Nigel’s writing, his dry humour really comes through & I really love how all the threads of the story eventually come together. Such a clever twisty writing style. Five cwtches!


Summer at Oyster Bay – Jenny Hale


I always fall in love with Jenny’s leading men. She has such a talent for sculpting these incredibly gorgeous characters and Charles Peterson is no exception. You can’t help but fall for him.

This story is a gloriously summery relaxing read, you can almost hear the waves & feel the sand between your toes! I love how Jenny weaves themes like the importance of family values & staying true to your heart into the narrative. It makes for a really emotional read (yeah, I might have cried a bit) I’d also highly recommend checking out her Pinterest page for some gorgeous insight into her inspiration behind the locations that feature in her stories. It’s exactly how you’d imagine! Another brilliant book – five cwtches!


Five Go Glamping – Liz Tipping


I am not a natural-born camper. I like soft comfy beds, electricity & a fully functioning toilet that doesn’t involve any cups of compost.

I am, however, a natural born festival-goer  which causes some conflict in the non-camping camp. Stick me in a field with a band & some flowers in my hair and glitter on my face and I am one HAPPY girl. Camping is an essential part of the festival experience, but then arrives the dawn of GLAMPING and all is well once more. I can enjoy festival vibes and retire at the end of a long day dancing to a gorgeous (hmmm) glamorous (hmmm hmmm) tent that I haven’t had to put up which has luxury items like fairy lights & a doormat to pop your muddy wellies on. Beaut.

Five Go Glamping is a cracking read which follows Fiona and her bunch of mates on a four day festival experience with a pooch named Brian Harvey. It is a cheerful & relaxing read with many laugh out loud moments. This one has been on my tbr pile for ages & I am gutted I waited so long to get around to it. I love Liz’s writing – her humour & tone are perfect – and I’m really looking forward to reading more of her stuff. Five cwtches!

Summer at the Cornish Café – Phillipa Ashley


As a huge fan of both Phillipa’s writing AND the swoonsome Poldark this one was ALWAYS going to be part of my essential summer reads collection. A heartwarming feel-good read with everything you could possibly want in a sunny story, Summer at the Cornish Café is just wonderful.

The descriptions of Cornwall are simply stunning & will make you long for a trip to the coast. The references to our favourite curly-haired tin miner are really clever and will definitely raise a smile. Phillipa has created a gorgeous cast of characters in an idyllic setting – it’s a winning combination!

I am so excited to hear that there will be more in this series and I eagerly await the festive edition. I love Phillipa – five cwtches!


Summer at Rose Island – Holly Martin


I love the world that Holly has created in White Cliff Bay and this is the third in the series (totes fangirl). Each can be enjoyed as a standalone book, however I am positive that once you’ve entered this world you’ll be as keen as me to gobble up the rest of them. (Go back now & read the others….’kay?)

Rose Island Lighthouse is the true star of this story, as the unique and stunning home of brooding Riley and beacon of light for island newcomer Darcy. Will they be able to save her from demolition?

This is a really lovely read and again I wish I could live there! Five cwtches!


Flawed – Cecilia Ahern


I’d like to go on record – right here and now – that I think this book (and the subsequent deserved hullaballoo) is going to be HUGE. And when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE. We’re talking Hunger Games Huge. I can clearly see how well this will work as a movie and I’m really excited to see what happens in the next installment (if there was ever a recipe for a successful franchise…)

I always say that I’m not really a fan of the Young Adult genre, but then every YA book I read I seem to always really enjoy so I think I need to change my tune on that one…… I love YA!

I’ve read quite a few books by Ahern and really enjoyed them, as this is her first foray into YA I wasn’t sure what to expect. The book picks up the themes of perfection and conversely imperfection in a really clever way.

I don’t think it gives too much away to say it ends on a properly satisfying note that leaves you desperate for the next installment.

A really clever concept & exciting read – READ THE BOOK BEFORE THE (inevitable) MOVIE COMES OUT. Five cwtches!


 Thanks to Netgalley for the copies of some of the books featured – you’re lovely x

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