The Show – Tilly Bagshawe

The Show

Confession: I love reality TV. The trashier the better.

When I saw that this book was set around a brand new reality TV show I just knew I HAD TO cwtch up with it.

It’s the second book in the Swell Valley series; I hadn’t read the first and got along fine, so it’s a perfect stand alone.

Gabe and Laura Baxter decide to invite the television cameras into their beloved Wraggbottom Farm in order to help boost their farming income. Not everyone is happy with this idea and it upsets more than a few of the locals.

A whole village of characters means that it’s quite tough to keep up with who’s who at times but Bagshawe is so talented at crafting these entire worlds for us to inhabit, you soon get to grips with the village cast and their individual storylines.

There’s a lot going on; farm life, TV production, protests, sex, politics, infidelity, immigration, manure, cricket….definitely something for everyone!

A really great engrossing read with just enough hot spots & tender moments – five cwtches!

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