The Olive Branch – Jo Thomas

Olive Branch

We’ve all been there. A few glasses of wine and a couple of clicks…oops…you’ve made a daft online purchase. For most of us, this is usually discovered a few days post-vino when an unexpected Amazon package arrives and we open it to discover an inflatable flamingo.

For Ruthie however, her prosecco-fuelled internet shopping results in the ownership of a rundown farmhouse in Italy. Whoops.

Just out of a relationship, the timing for a fresh start couldn’t be better. Never mind that she knows ZERO about running an olive farm and finds herself amidst a lifelong family feud; the local scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, which includes her hot and fiery neighbour Marco Bellanuovo.

Can she really go it alone in a new country or will she find herself completely out of her depth and on the first plane home?

I fell in love with Marco. He’s the classic leading man, mean & brooding with a solid heart of gold beneath. I’m sure you’ll be smitten too.

This book will make you want to book a holiday SUBITO! (totes googled that)

A gorgeous, warm-hearted, romantic read – five cwtches!


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