The Good Neighbour – Beth Miller

The good neighbour

Here at Cwtch Up Books I like to pretend the world is only full of love and romance, rainbows & unicorns, sunshine and happy endings! (deluded, but that’s what makes me happy) But then, a book like The Good Neighbour comes along – which is far from the jolly stuff I usually love to read – and I am GRIPPED like a gripper on a grip-strip with extra-grippy velcro grips. Wowser.

When Cathy and her two children move in next door to Minette, we know that she has a secret. Something just doesn’t quite add up…without giving away any spoilers, Cathy is not all that she seems. Throughout the book we slowly start to discover more about her past and who she really is.

The main thread of the story follows Cathy & her children and is supported by a cast of neighbours, each with their own stories of suspense, sex and secrets. If you’re looking for a tense read that you can’t put down, I’d really recommend this.

Thrilling stuff – four cwtches!


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