The Travelling Tea Shop – Belinda Jones


Belinda Jones has the best job in the World. No question. She is also one of my favourite writers. No question.  Being a Fangirl means I have travelled the world with Belinda (or at least it feels that way!) 

The delight of picking up another novel by my favourite romance/travel author is the unwavering, undoubted fact that you know it’s going to a) be amazing and b) make you want to take a trip. This particular book also makes you c) crave big giant cakes! 
Beneath the beautifully crafted travel tale, the endless cakes and double-decker bus, lies a complicated family saga where you cannot help but wish for a big happy ending. 
I won’t reveal if that’s what you get, however I will say that I was delighted to be allowed to read this via Netgalley and cannot recommend it enough. 

Warm the teapot and enjoy. 

Get your copy here 

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